7 Ways To Train Like The Pros

7 Ways To Train Like The Pros

Often times, people assume there’s a major genetic difference between themselves and professional athletes, and in some cases this true. I have been fortunate enough to work with athletes of all caliber, from the off-the-couch amateur to world cup gold medalists and Olympic hopefuls, and from my experience, the only thing that separates a pro from a novice is the way they approach and execute their training…

12 Steps to Prepare for Your First Gran Fondo

12 Steps to Prepare for Your First Gran Fondo

Since the first Gran Fondo in Cesenatico, Italy in 1970, Gran Fondo events have grown to dominate the amateur cycling community all over the world. And yet, there is a bit of mysticism around the infamous Gran Fondo…

Progression: An Ode to White Pine

Progression: An Ode to White Pine

I first started with White Pine back in November. When you sign up, you go through an assessment to figure out where you’re weak and where you're strong. As a climber, I was primarily only concerned with a few areas, pulling strength being the main one. But since climbing is a full body sport

Why Strength Training is Essential for Weight Loss

Walk in to a gym on any given day, and I promise you will see at least one poor soul trudging along on some form of cardio equipment in a dire attempt to lose weight. That’s how it works, right? Do cardio, lose weight. Right?


…and wrong.

RUFA – When things don’t go as planned.

Two weeks before RUFA, I felt great – I ran back-to-back 20+ milers at a good pace, I had energy during the day, I felt strong. I overlooked the length of time I slept that weekend, and how tired I was at 9pm. What mattered was that I could run, was running, and was running well.

Why Athletes Need Mobility Training

As an athlete, I have trudged my way through many, many injuries: finger injuries, sprained ankles, broken bones, you name it… But, the injuries that were most common, and sadly the most preventable, were those due to my lack of mobility and flexibility: injuries such as hyperextensions, back issues, hip pain, and even minor muscle tweaks…All of these were due to my lack of mobility, not my lack of strength.

The Power of Repetition

Three years ago, I climbed my first V9. I had been climbing for about 2 years at the time. I had done 3 V7’s, and 5 V6’s. Despite a lack of a good base, I was psyched to try some harder stuff just to see what would happen, just to see if I could do some of the moves. So one day I made the hike up the steep hill to a climb called Gription. This thing was pretty legend around St. George. I was stoked just to see it in person. Needless to say, it did not disappoint.