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12 Steps to Prepare for Your First Gran Fondo

12 Steps to Prepare for Your First Gran Fondo

Since the first Gran Fondo in Cesenatico, Italy in 1970, Gran Fondo events have grown to dominate the amateur cycling community all over the world. And yet, there is a bit of mysticism around the infamous Gran Fondo…

Why Strength Training is Essential for Weight Loss

Walk in to a gym on any given day, and I promise you will see at least one poor soul trudging along on some form of cardio equipment in a dire attempt to lose weight. That’s how it works, right? Do cardio, lose weight. Right?


…and wrong.

Why Athletes Need Mobility Training

As an athlete, I have trudged my way through many, many injuries: finger injuries, sprained ankles, broken bones, you name it… But, the injuries that were most common, and sadly the most preventable, were those due to my lack of mobility and flexibility: injuries such as hyperextensions, back issues, hip pain, and even minor muscle tweaks…All of these were due to my lack of mobility, not my lack of strength.