Terms and conditions

Welcome to White Pine Athletics!  We are looking forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!


Services and fees

The services provided for the package purchased shall be provided by White Pine Athletics as outlined under the package description on whitepineathletics.com.  

The period of performance shall be as set forth and outlined in the training package that you purchased, and shall begin on the date you specify in the check-out process (unless a time limit is specified for the package). 

For monthly recurring charges, the services shall continue to renew automatically on a monthly basis and be billed at the same rate on the same day each month.  If the client wishes to cancel, he/she agrees to provide a minimum of two week's notice of their intent to cancel their recurring services.  This time period will also cover any services that have already been provided (including, but not limited to guidance/programming for upcoming weeks).

For discounted prepaid packages, the client understands that if they choose to renew after the initial term, the renewal will be at the then-current pricing.

Training/programming fees are paid in advance.  These fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Client responsibilities

  • The client will accurately and honestly complete the health history that will be provided

  • Will promptly inform their coach of any change in medical condition or of any new injury

  • Agrees to provide physician clearance form if requested

  • Agrees to complete liability release form


Fitness assessment

As a remote training client, the first few days of programming will be your fitness assessment.  Your Coach will use the results of these sessions to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any deficiencies that need to be addressed to make you a more well-rounded athlete and improve your performance.  Be ready to keep track of your progress, as well as record some of the exercises so that your coach can evaluate the movement.  As with any other exercise program, be sure to have your physician's approval to begin this fitness assessment, and be sure to stop any exercise that causes physical discomfort/pain.