Photo: Conor Barry

Photo: Conor Barry

KYLE McFarland


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

USA Cycling Coach, Level 3

USA Triathlon Coach, Level 1


With over 15 years experience as a coach, Kyle has always been passionate about the sports he participates in, which led him to start an early career as a climbing coach during his years as a professional climber and an athlete for the U.S. Climbing Team. He enjoys the opportunity to pass along the knowledge he has gained to others, and help his clients grow as athletes.

Kyle has completed multiple Ironman events, half marathons, challenging century-length rides/races, grueling cycling stage races, and other endurance events. He is taking his coaching background and knowledge of strength training and applying the same science-backed principals and concepts to endurance sports. He is constantly studying to be a better coach and athlete through continuing education and staying up to date on the latest research and training trends.

Kyle has worked with everyone from beginners to elite athletes and is comfortable with all age groups. He has returned to student life at the University of Utah studying Kinesiology to have a better understanding of how body movement can have a dramatic effect on an athlete’s training.

WHY WHITE PINE ATHLETICS: I created White Pine Athletics because I saw a huge gap in the endurance and mountain sports worlds. As an athlete, I understood the necessity of being treated and trained like a unique individual, something I feel a lot of trainers and gyms forget. The idea was  to start a company offering full-service training solutions, focusing on the strength and conditioning needs of each athlete, but also with a huge emphasis on mobility and injury prevention.

WHY DID YOU BECOME A TRAINER/COACH: From day one, I have always been passionate about the sports I participate in, and I have always enjoyed watching others grow as athletes. By becoming a trainer, I have been able to help athletes grow to become more efficient, stronger, and healthier than they were before, and that is a great feeling. I get to help people become lifelong athletes by focusing not just on the strength but on mobility and technique to achieve maximum longevity.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: As cliché as is sounds, I can’t think of many standout memorable moments. The moments that have meant the most to me are of long training/group rides with close friends. I love spending time in the saddle and enjoying an open road with a solid group of friends, maybe throw in a coffee stop for a cappuccino!