Photo: Kyle McFarland

Photo: Kyle McFarland

JAMi McFarland



WHY WHITE PINE ATHLETICS: We started White Pine Athletics to fill two gaps: First, we thought that not enough emphasis was placed on the needs of the athlete overall in the fitness industry, and second, we noticed that a lot of people who wanted quality training weren't getting it because they lived their lives on the road. We wanted a company that focused on injury prevention as well as the strength and conditioning needs of the athlete. And we wanted to provide an elite level of service to our clients.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I grew up out East, and started rock climbing when I was 14 years old. This is one of the main reasons that I moved to Utah in 1999 right after high school. I fell in love with the Wasatch, and have never wanted to leave. I have loved climbing, hiking, and snowboarding in Utah since I moved here, and have more recently taken up (and become a bit addicted to) road cycling, completing my first century in 2016.

I have been working in the technology industry for several years in the Customer Success side of the house, and love applying that skill set to the business operations of White Pine Athletics. We have the best team, ambassadors, and clients around, and it is phenomenal to work with each of them to make their fitness goals a reality!

WHAT DRIVES YOU AS AN ATHLETE: Being a bit better than I was yesterday.