At White Pine Athletics, we don’t believe in the cookie cutter mentality where everything is a generic template. We carefully consider the needs and goals of each of our clients to provide them with the best, and most customized training experience possible. Whether you are training for your next big event, getting ready for your first race, trying to keep up with a fitness routine while traveling, or looking to change your perspective on fitness, we are here to help you make that happen.

Our mobility and fitness assessment helps us to pinpoint areas in need of improvement, continue to build on existing strengths, and determine sites of potential injury before they develop. As a company founded by athletes, we understand the need for personalized coaching and getting the most out of our training. Time is valuable, and that is why we don’t waste it with gimmicks and one size fits all templated programs, just 100% you-based training.

What We Do

We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, both in terms of fitness and functional mobility. We then carefully and thoughtfully create a plan of attack that is specific to your needs and goals. Throughout this process, we take into consideration every detail: your schedule, your location and available equipment, your fitness level, your body’s prioritized needs, upcoming competitions or events, and your experience with training in the past. We gather this information and apply it to weekly training programming that is custom tailored to you, and will allow for the greatest improvement. Your training program is delivered via an online platform with full explanations and video instruction of each prescribed exercise, leaving nothing to guesswork. We continually communicate with you, the client, to carefully monitor changes and look for areas of improvement. We take every little success seriously and with pride, and continue to support you as you move toward your ultimate goal.

What We Don’t Do

We will never blindly hand you a templated program that may or may not have anything to do with your specific needs or limitations. We don’t treat you as a paycheck, or just another faceless client. We don’t ignore your needs for individuality and specificity, and we don’t promise success. Success is earned, not purchased. Success is earned with knowledge, but also with sweat, effort, time, and sometimes with tears and moments of intense emotion. This is not something we can give you, it is something YOU must be willing to give. We pride ourselves on giving you the tools, knowledge and support you need to achieve success, the effort is up to you.