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For athletes looking to excel in their next event and step to the start with confidence of finishing strong, whether it's your first race or hundredth.

*We recommend that you begin this package at least 3 months prior to your event to allow for adequate testing and adjustments.


The Race Day Ready nutrition package will begin with an initial 30 minute phone consultation with your coach, a licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist. You will review your upcoming event, and your coach will help you develop a detailed race/competition day plan based on the event schedule, humidity/weather predictions, duration, elevation, aid station availability, etc. Even if you've done this event before, every race provides a variety of factors that could make or break your performance if not taken into account. Step to the start line with peace of mind, feeling confident and prepared.

Your coach will also help you develop tailored strategies for eating/dining out during travel for your upcoming event. Traveling can unravel everything you've worked hard for in your training. Making a wrong decision about your nutrition in the hours before your event is the last thing you want to worry about. Your coach will take into account your available restaurants and grocery stores during travel to maximize your preparation.

We recommend you begin this package at least 3 months prior to your event to allow for adequate testing and adjustments. Even the perfect plan takes time for your body to adjust, and every athlete can respond differently. You'll need to experiment and fine tune your pre-event day and race day eating well before the actual date so you can know exactly what works for you, and (sometimes more importantly) what does NOT.

During this testing time prior to your event, you'll have a 15-minute follow-up phone conversation with your coach, ideally scheduled in the two months prior to your event to allow time for fine-tuning and adjustments.

Following your event, you'll have another 15-minute follow-up phone call with your coach to discuss how you felt during the event, what went well, and what you could adjust to make your next competition even better!

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