where we started

Over the last decade, the founder of White Pine Athletics has developed a formula for providing quality, and meaningful exercise interventions to a wide array of clients such as professional rock climbers, skiers, and other mountain athletes, as well as weekend warriors and fitness enthusiasts.  This formula is comprised of the evaluation of your fitness and mobility needs, goal evaluation, individualized exercise programming, nutritional analysis, schedule and location flexibility, and meaningful interaction and evaluation with your coach.

Our clients have stood on the podium of world cup events, gained greater mobility after injury, and have developed healthier mentalities towards training and competition.  They have seen advances in their sport both at a professional level and as individuals balancing the complexities of everyday life with their fitness and training goals.

We at White Pine Athletics have taken this formula and are applying it to our remote coaching philosophy.  By taking the principles refined over a long history of training both competitive and amateur athletes, we have developed a program that fits well within a remote setting.  Our philosophy revolves around making fitness gains both convenient and customized to our clients.

Our remote training programs are the perfect companion to your busy schedule and budgeting needs.  They give you the ability to have customized programming that is specific to your needs at whatever timing works best for your schedule. We realize that multiple days per week of meeting with a personal trainer doesn’t fit into everyone’s schedule or budget, so we have designed our remote programming packages to fit a variety of needs.