Navigating truecoach

Since you are going to be spending some quality time with TrueCoach, we thought it would be nice to give you an overview of some of the features.  

*Make sure you don't try to sign up for your own account outside of this process - your coach will send you an invitation that will link you to them and avoid the hassle of moving things around after the fact. Simply wait for this invite and follow the steps below.

Multiple points of access

TrueCoach can be accessed on the web via the link in your invite or at or via their iOS app. Android users, stay tuned - we hear that version is coming soon.

create your profile

Once you're logged into TrueCoach, the first thing you'll want to do is create your profile. To do this, select the Profile icon on the far right, and click "Edit".


You can then complete your profile information.

Be sure to complete each of the fields and select your email preferences at the bottom for workout delivery. We suggest leaving "Daily Workout Email" and "Email Missed Workouts" selected, as it helps remind you what you have coming up for the day or what you may have missed.

*Important note - these emails come directly from the automated tool, not from your coach.  Please do not reply to the automated emails, as they will not actually reach your coach. If you need to contact your coach, write a message to them in TrueCoach (see "Messaging your Coach" below) or email them directly so that they can receive your message.

Please also upload an avatar image so that your coach can get to know you!


Other important TrueCoach areas:


After you have completed your profile, clicking on your avatar at the top of the screen will take you to a list of Goals, Benchmarks, Assessments, Progress Pictures, Shared Documents, and Equipment.

Your Coach will upload goals for you after your initial testing and discussion, and will be updating your benchmarks as you move through your testing. This is a great place to check back and see your progress!

Please take a moment to select the Equipment section at the bottom of the page and let your coach know what equipment you have available for training. This is especially helpful for equipment you have at home if you would like a percentage of your programming to be for home workouts.


Accessing your workouts

Your workouts can be viewed in the calendar tab. By default, your upcoming workouts are displayed, but you can also view your past workouts should you desire.

Workouts are displayed in a list format by date, with each date tile showing a summary of your workout. Click on the tile or "View Details" to open the detail view.


The Understanding your Workout section will help you navigate the workouts provided by your coach. Click the button below to proceed to that section.

Messaging your coach and reaching support


The Message icon will allow you to message your coach.

If you have any issues with the TrueCoach service, the circle icon will allow you to access TrueCoach support.