For those who work early mornings and late nights.  For those who see more of the office than their home.  For those who live out of their suitcases, for those who can’t seem to find the time to drive to the gym or see a personal trainer, or for those who want a more functional workout in the corporate gym, this is for you.

Our Executive package gives you the flexibility to get your workout in anywhere: your corporate office wellness center, in between meetings at your hotel gym, or anywhere you find yourself on the road or at home ready to train.  Last minute flight to New York?  No problem - your coach will make adjustments to your programming so you don’t miss a beat with your training.


  • 45 minute initial phone consultation to review assessment results, goals, and scheduling limitations.
  • Fitness and Mobility evaluation and progress review every 6 weeks to ensure your program is on track.
  • Individual athlete-specific weekly programming created for you by your coach
  • 2 monthly 30-minute phone consultations to review results, questions, scheduling needs, and progress towards goals.
  • Your coach will review your workout results daily, and respond daily to questions and needs.  You can reach your coach via the fitness tool's messaging program or via text message - whichever you prefer.
  • Unlimited schedule adjustments, even after the program has been created.  Don't let that last minute business trip throw a wrench in your exercise routine.  Let your coach know your travel itinerary, and they will research the fitness amenities at your hotel and adjust your program to fit the equipment on hand as well as your travel schedule.


(Please choose month to month pricing or a discounted prepaid package)