PHOTO: Austin Tucker

PHOTO: Austin Tucker


Primary Sport/Activity: Climbing/Film-making

AGE: 30


OCCUPATION: Film-maker and Photographer

OTHER SPONSORS: Mountain Smith, The North Face

WHY WHITE PINE ATHLETICS? I choose White Pine because it aligns with my goals to be more healthy, perform better at my job, and to be able to enjoy climbing more. My schedule is crazy and I'm traveling a lot, so the customizing of my work out plan in real time on the road helps a lot to not get too fat ha ha. Plus, White Pine is like a family. We see a lot of other people who are doing the training in the gym and out at the crag and its great to be able to relate to one another and help each other with our goals.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: I'm an adventure film maker and photographer. I'm a very passionate person and usually when I decide to do something I throw my self at it 100%. I love creating and I love the outdoors, particularly climbing, so I've tried to build my career around those two things and its been a lot of work but well worth it. I'm married with an amazing daughter and a Shih Tau named Sherpa. 

WHAT DRIVES YOU AS AN ATHLETE? The feelings of freedom and self discovery that come with being a climber drive me. I feel the most happy outside in that environment. Now, being a film maker in the outdoor space requires that I maintain a certain level of fitness to be able to perform at my job effectively. So training to be able to hike long distances with 50 plus pounds of gear at a time and being able to rig and climb and get into places that I need to be in to get a shot that I want is super important so that drives me as well. I also want to be able to live a longer healthier life with my family.

TOP ACHIEVEMENTS: I guess it depends on what you consider achievements. I set a lot of goals every year and usually achieve most of them and thats big to me. I won a film festival in France once, does that count? 



WHAT'S ONE INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOURSELF? Asking all the hard questions huh? I don't know, I feel pretty normal so it's hard to say. 

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