What's in Derrick's adventure bag?

Wondering what elite ultrarunner Derrick Lytle keeps in his adventure bag? In his own words, it's fairly simple...

Check out his itemized list below:

Mountainsmith Scream 25

Super lightweight pack that rolls down to nothing yet carries a lot of stuff and is comfortable. It's a great day pack that I've even taken with me on runs and had no issues with it.   

Zeal Optics Sunglasses

Sunnies that actually fit my head and don't hurt my eyes? Count me in.   


Black Diamond Headlamp 

Bright and durable. Couple that with the fact I can recharge it via USB, and it makes it a solid light to keep in my bag for those early mornings or when things don't go as planned. 


When it's really sunny or really cold a Buff can be a lifesaver. Keeps you from inhaling dust, keeps the bugs away, stops your neck from getting sun blasted, and you can wet it with water to keep you cool. 


High fat fuel. Leave the lightweight stuff at home and bring calorie and fat packed fuel. Jerky, protein, electrolytes, and fat are my go to items.   

Voltaic Systems Battery

The V72 from Voltaic Systems will power my phone for days, charge my headlamp, and basically anything else I want to keep full.   


I keep my maps, GPS, photo apps etc on here making it one of the most valuable pieces of gear I own.  GaiaGPS is my favorite map app. I can download sections for offline use with it and not get lost while cross country bushwacking. If you're going remote always take a paper map as well and know how to use it just in case the electronics die. 

These are my staples for a long day out.

Food, training, and common sense will be your lifeline so prep for your adventure then go buy the gear.

Keep up with all Derrick's adventures on his Instagram and Strava accounts.  And get out there and put his bag-packing tips to the test!

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