Basic nutrition analysis



For athletes wanting to know where to get started and insight to their current dietary training habits. 

Do you need a little extra help applying nutritional guidelines to your sport or healthy changes to your lifestyle? This package is for you.


The Basic Nutrition Analysis package will start with an analysis of your daily intake. We are creatures of habit, so a 3 day snapshot historically gives an accurate picture of our overall diet - what kinds of food, how much, and when we're eating them will all play an important role in our sports performance. Your coach, a Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist, will review 2 training days (or working days) and 1 rest day (or weekend day) to determine your overall habits. You'll review this intake diary analysis on your 30-minute call with your coach.

Not all athletes should be eating the same. Your sport requires specific muscles at specific speeds, which requires precise nutritional balance to get you to and keep you at your best level. Your targets need to be dialed in depending on what you would like to accomplish and when, so you and your coach will review your calculated calorie and macro targets.

Your coach will provide guidance surrounding how your current diet compares to your goals and your target calorie and macro targets, and will provide recommendations for improvement to help you reach your ideal performance.

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