Trainingpeaks and truecoach apps

At White Pine Athletics we view training from a holistic approach. We believe that a successful athlete is a balanced athlete. This is why our endurance athletes are often prescribed strength and conditioning in addition to their primary endurance/multisport training. In an effort to provide the best possible athlete-experience we have opted to use two separate training softwares, TrainingPeaks for all things endurance, and TrueCoach for strength and conditioning.

TrainingPeaks is the gold standard software for endurance coaching. It’s pairing ability with other 3rd party applications makes tracking your riding, running, swimming and diet a breeze. While on the other hand, TrueCoach has a platform built specifically for strength training, and includes hundreds of instructional videos to help you dial in your form.

We understand that adding yet another application to your life can seem hectic, but we firmly believe that the combination of these two applications will help take your training and fitness to new levels.